IVAS Donations Page

We ask that you consider giving to one of donor restricted funds that IVAS has available.

The Marvin Cain funds are donor restricted and are to only be used as tuition grants for IVAS sponsored or IVAS Affiliate sponsored equine continuing education. Qualified applicants must be licensed; practicing equine veterinarians that are certified by IVAS and a current member of IVAS.

The IVAS Grady Young Memorial Scholarship Funds are donor restricted and extended towards qualifying licensed veterinarians or fourth year veterinary students in the United States and internationally to attend an IVAS certification courses in veterinary acupuncture to aid with tuition costs. You may choose if you want your scholarship funds to be received by a US scholarship recipient, an International scholarship recipient or no preference.

The Pet Memorial Funds are donor restricted. This allows you, the veterinarian to make a donation for a client, family member or friend that has lost a beloved pet. IVAS will mail a memorial card on your behalf to the individual letting them know a donation has been made in the name of their pet. The amount of the donation is not listed in the card. You may choose to donate to the IVAS Grady Young Memorial Scholarship Fund, IVAS Marvin Cain Equine Continuing Education Fund or IVAS Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund Program exists to provide the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) with future financial stability. Endowment fund building is good stewardship of our organization ensuring IVAS continues its mission for years to come. The Endowment Fund is a restricted fund with principle balances not available for general use by IVAS.

IVAS Grady Young Memorial Scholarship Fund

IVAS Marvin Cain Equine Continuing Education Fund

Endowment Fund

* Pet Memorial Fund  - Scholarship

* Pet Memorial Fund - Endowment

* Pet Memorial Fund - Marvin Cain Equine Continuing Education Fund

* When making a donation to a "Pet Memorial Fund", click "Add special instructions to the seller" and include the owner’s name and address, the type (dog, horse, etc.) and name of the pet. 

IVAS is a 501c(3) charitable organization, and all donations are tax deductible under provisions of state and federal income tax laws, but donors should consult their tax accountant or advisor to determine the proper treatment of such contributions.

To mail a check drawn on a US bank in US funds send to:

PO Box 1283
Portland, TX 78374-1184