Answer to “What Herb Am I?”


You have known this patient for many years but due to complications in life, her owners have not been in the last few years. Her owners brought her in for decreased appetite. She is a FS, DSH feline that is now 16 years old. She had always been a sweet, robust BCS 6.5/9 cat with the occasional intermittent vomiting. She is an indoor / outdoor cat and in the years past has enjoyed spending most of her time outside, but this winter she has spent a lot more time curled up over the heater vents. She uses the outside as her litter box, but is maybe drinking a little more water. When you examine her she has lost 2 pounds, has a greasy coat, pale pink tongue, and a deep and weak pulse. You run a CBC, Chemistry Panel, T4 and UA but have a pretty good feel for what you are going to find. You start her on the herbal formula Bai Wei Di Huang Wan because you primarily want a kidney tonic with a little extra warming property.  What is the main herb in the formula that acts as your kidney tonic?



What is Sheng Di Huang

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