Answer to 2023 2nd Qtr Name That Point

Name That Point - Amy Watson, MA, VetMB, MRCVS, CCRT, CVA

In the dog I can be found directly in front of the lower corner of the ilium, on the anterior superior iliac spine.

In horses I am in the depression just cranial to the midportion of the cranial border of the tuber coxae (coxal tuber).

I am innervated by the Dorsal branches of the lumbar spine and the cranial clunial nerves. The translation of my Chinese name, Wu Shu, is Fifth Pivot. I am one of the opening Points for the Ancestral Sinew Channels and I am at the intersection of the Dai Mai and the Gall Bladder Channel. I regulate the Dai Mai and the lower burner, transforming stagnation. I also regulate Liver Qi and strengthen the lower back and invigorate the Kidneys. I can be used as a diagnostic point for hip problems and aid treatment of the caudal spine, pain in the lower abdomen and painful defaecation. I can be of benefit in testicular pain, constipation, endometritis, uterine prolapse and hernia.

The Point is GB 27

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