Answer to 2023 1st Quarter “Name That Point”

Name that Point! - Katja Görts, DVM, CVA, CVC, CVCH


The point we are looking for is a transpositional point. In horses it is located in the center of the muscle belly of the masseter muscle 2 cun caudal to Stomach 5, in a depression when the jaw is open. In the dog it is located n the depression in the belly of the masseter muscle, rostral to the angle of the mandible.

It dispels Wind affecting the face and removes obstructions from the channel. This point belongs to Sun Si Miao’s ghost points indicated for mania and epilepsy probably because it can be used to relax the jaw. Western indications include facial paralysis, dental pain, swelling of the cheek and the jaw, tetanus, toothache, problems of the temporo-mandibular joint, stiffness and pain of the neck, loss of voice, lockjaw, inability to open the mouth.



The point is Stomach 6, Jia Che or Jaw Bone.





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