Answer to 2021 3rd Quarter “Name That Point!”


Dr. Katja Görts ©

In the equine I am located in the depression at the junction of the frontal bones, on the dorsal midline on the face, at the level of the lateral canthi. In dogs I am located on the dorsal midline of the head on a line between the temporal fossae. My innervation comes from cranial nerves V and VII.

I eliminate Dampness (especially of the Spleen), Heat and Wind (especially of the Heart), calm the Mind, and stop convulsions. As a human facial and nasal acupuncture point, I am associated with the Lung. I could be addressed by using dry needling or moxibustion. I am indicated for sinus problems, cervical problems like cervical rheumatism, anxiety, seizures and other brain problems like encephalitis, encephalic edema, and encephalomyelitis.

I am commonly used to calm the spirit in situations of anxiety, agitation and insomnia, to activate the channel and alleviate pain in the treatment of frontal headaches like in headshaking patients. Together with Ren-Zhong (or Wai-Chun-Yin) and Chun-Jiu I am treated to balance Yin and Yang.

What is Long-Hui (Dragon Meeting) or Yin-Tang.

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