Answer to 2022 3rd Quarter “Name That Point!”


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The point we are looking for is a transpositional point. Its location is comparable in both canine and equine patients. It is in the depression in the transverse cubital crease, just cranial to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, between the extensor carpi radialis and common digital extensor mm. Its innervation comes from the radial nerve.

It is the tonification, mother, earth, and He-Sea point of its channel which is part of the Yangming. It dispels Wind and Heat anywhere in the body, cools Blood, regulates Qi and Blood, resolves Dampness, and benefits the Sinews and joints. 

Macioca emphasizes its value as a Heat clearing and Blood cooling point. Like Bladder 40 it stands out in the treatment of skin diseases, particularly those characterized by Damp-Heat. As it benefits the joints and sinews, the point is eligible to treat painful obstruction (Bi-syndrome) as well as atrophy (Wei-syndrome) particularly of the fore limb.

Western indications include Fever, immune stimulation, urticaria, pruritus, dry and moist dermatitis, forelimb pain, inflammation and stiffness, especially in the elbow and shoulder, radial nerve paralysis, rhinitis, uveitis, conjunctivitis, otitis and laryngopharyngitis, tooth pain, neck pain and inflammation, especially involving the cleidomastoideus m., diarrhea and constipation, epilepsy and emotional problems. It is a homeostatic point.

The point is Large Intestine 11, Qu-chi or Pool at the Bend. 


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