Associate Vet Wanted, Napa Valley, California

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Dr. Kim Schmidt is looking for an experienced, positive and dedicated veterinarian to join her team at Napa Valley Holistic Veterinary Services.  Associates interested in a part time or full time position are welcome to apply.

The Napa Valley is a gorgeous place to live with a thriving food scene, epic wine scene, gorgeous hiking and biking. The Napa River flows through our downtown area and offers numerous activities such as kayaking, boating and stand up paddle boarding. The coast is an hour away as are gorgeous redwood forests.  It really is the best place to live!

Our mobile practice specializes in home acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional  therapy for both young and geriatric pets.  We expect our clients to have a general veterinarian they see for routine care, imaging, lab work and emergencies.


Work life balance is an essential part of our practice.  My current appointment schedule is 9-2 Monday- Thursday.  I see 3-4 patients a day. Your schedule can be flexible depending on if you would prefer full or part time.  You can also let me know what days of the week you would prefer to work. No emergency or overtime is expected or required.  We offer a competitive salaried position with paid vacation and 401K for both part time and full time applicants and additional health benefits for full time applicants. After 1 year of employment compensation for additional training (herbal, chiropractic, rehabilitation) will be offered, if desired.  Both a hybrid vehicle and cold laser unit will be provided for you during your visits (we have both Companion Class 4 and Multiradiance Medical Activet Pro Class 3b lasers).

We have an extremely dedicated clientele who is willing to do anything for their pets.  Our most common consultations are for pain management/geriatric care, allergies and integrative cancer care.  Initial consultations are 2 hours and follow up visits are 1 hour with ample travel time between visits.  Driving time is never on the highway and is never over 45 minutes.  I’m usually driving 15-20 minutes between appointments. Traveling is often my favorite part of the day because I’m driving through the hills and vineyards of the Napa Valley!

You can provide in-home euthanasia as an additional service if you’d like to, but you aren’t expected to.  There is another veterinarian in town who has her own in-home euthanasia practice that we can refer to. If you provide this service it will be paid on a production basis and could be a substantial additional salary.  I offer in- home euthanasia for my current clients only. I like to follow them through the end of their lives.  I usually do about one a month.

Certification in acupuncture  is a must for associates applying for the position. Chiropractic certification would also be a benefit as there is no veterinary chiropractor  in our area and it is a desired modality by our clients.  I am acupuncture certified through IVAS but Chi graduates are very welcome! I am also certified in Chinese herbal medicine and food therapy through the Chi Institute and am willing to mentor on cases requiring herbal and nutritional support.


My goal is to find a kind and hard-working  veterinarian who is dedicated to his/her patients and hopes to make the Napa Valley their home.  I thoroughly enjoy collaborating on cases but I would never micromanage yours.  I respect that everyone has their own personal style of case management and I hope to learn from you as well. I just want us to provide the best care we can to the animals of this fabulous community!

To apply please email resume and cover letter to Dr. Kim Schmidt and check out our website!  We also do regular FB and IG posting so check  out @napaholisticvet.