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Veterinary acupuncture is a growing interest among veterinarians with clients preferring complementary veterinary therapies.

Further, an increasing number of animal owners have discovered that acupuncture, once thought to be a treatment of last resort, is now considered early in treatment. This appealing alternative is increasing in demand throughout the world.

As an internationally recognized organization, IVAS specializes in educating licensed veterinarians, in the skill of veterinary acupuncture.  Courses are held throughout the world including Canada, Australia, various European countries, and the United States.  In order to provide additional educational opportunities, IVAS also coordinates with other recognized institutions such as Colorado State University, The Chi Institute, and Tufts University.

You have the opportunity to be among veterinarians leading the way in this innovative field!  IVAS is currently processing annual membership dues for July 1, 2013 through June 31, 2014 year.  Now is a great opportunity to join IVAS and receive the following benefits:

~ Quarterly Newsletters with up to date information on veterinary acupuncture and continuing education opportunities from within the veterinary acupuncture community

~ Notifications through special mailings on Continuing Education, other Events, and the Annual Congress

~ Referral service through our website – www.ivas.org

~ Monthly Flashpoint Emails

As more and more pet owners are seeking alternative modalities for their pets, your membership benefit of a listing on the referral portion of our website becomes more important than ever. IVAS is also continuing the fight for RACE approval for Continuing Education hours in Alternative Medicine. Membership dues go a long way to help us fight this battle.

If you have further questions on The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society or any of the courses offered by IVAS, please feel free to call! One of the friendly office staff will be happy to assist in finding the answers to your questions!

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