IVAS Online CE Events

Lotus Institute Online Courseswww.elotus.org

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Eastern Currentswww.easterncurrents.ca

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Recorded Webinar Series – 10 IVAS CE

Use of Laser Therapy as an Effective Tool in Pediatric Conditions – 3 IVAS CE

Use of Laser Acupuncture in TCM Veterinary Medicine – 5.75 IVAS CE

HealthCMI Online Courseswww.healthcmi.com

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Blue Poppy Online Courseshttp://www.bluepoppy.com

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Yellow Emperor Online Courseswww.yellowemperor.org

Hypothyroidism and Qi Deficiency – 8 IVAS CE
Hyperthyroidism and Heart Fire – 8 IVAS CE

University of Wisconsin Online Courseshttp://ce.vetmed.wisc.edu/Holistic_Medicine_Naturally_Nutraceutical

Chronic Disease Origins; Diet Guide Through the Jungle of Homemade & Natural to Prescription Diets – 1.4 IVAS CE
Digestion:Leaky Gut 4R – 1 IVAS CE
Intro to Nutraceutical & Botanical Therapies: The Basics; Nutraceutical & Botanical Materia Medica; Applications – 1 IVAS CE
Condition-Specific Protocols for (long list incl: diarrhea, cancer, allergies, liver disease, arthritis) – 1.4 IVAS CE
Using Nutraceutical & Botanical Therapies Integrated with Pharmaceuticals: Cases & Examples – 1 IVAS CE
Holistic Medicine – Naturally Nutraceutical – Complete Course Package (All 6 Courses) – 5.8 IVAS CE

Evidence Based Veterinary Acupuncture On-line Coursewww.tcvm.com – 19 IVAS CE

Xiao Yao San and the Anxious Patient – Dr. Barbara Fougere – www.civtedu.org– 1 IVAS CE

3 Webinars by Dr. Steve Marsden (3 TOTAL IVAS CE):

Chinese Medical Management of Congestive Heart Failure – Dr. Steve Marsden www.civtedu.org– 1 IVAS CE
Chinese Medical Management of Seizures in Dogs – Dr. Steve Marsden –
www.civtedu.org– 1 IVAS CE
Interpreting Responses to Acupuncture –  Dr. Steve Marsden 
www.civtedu.org– 1 IVAS CE