Certification Course


The course consists of 8 modules totaling 510 hours, leading to a Certificate of Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine. Learning materials include printed study guides, reading material, lecture notes, herb samples, as well as other interactive teaching methods. The course is conducted at your own pace – you can complete the course in as little or as much time as you like. This allows you to study in a way that fits with work and family commitments. Support and communication between you and your personal tutor is available via email and online forums. There are no examinations, only a final assessment that includes a 5-part assignment and submission of 2 case studies.


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 Certification in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine
(for more information go to www.civtedu.org)

While this course has a basis of Classical Chinese medical theory, it is as very much based on practical experience in veterinary practice as well as scientific evidence where it is available. Dr Steve Marsden takes the mysterious world of Chinese medicine, puts it into his “Cooking Pot” metaphor and churns out a very palatable, easy to digest understanding of the principles and practices of Chinese medicine. This is a key strength of the course- it aims to provide a pragmatic approach to the practice of veterinary Chinese herbal medicine so that practice is straightforward and easy to implement.

Your time is valuable. You want some short cuts and reliable formulas that work for you. You also want to carry a range of formulas that you know very well, rather than a vast dispensary with literally hundreds of formulas that you might not know so well. The course aims to keep it simple! You will at the end of the course be able to confidently prescribe and integrate Chinese herbal medicine in your busy practice!

The course has evolved since it began in 2008. The prices are correct until the end of 2015 on the prospectus and the full price of the Certification course is US$5,989.00 if paid in full at time of enrollment.


  • Apply directly to IVAS and complete enrollment by selecting the Module or Modules you wish to take. Payment is made directly to IVAS.
  • Enroll in entire course up front US$5,989.00 and have 2 years to complete the course. Extension for a further 12 months if required US$989.00
  • Enroll in entire course up front with deposit of US$1,989.00 and US$199.00 per month for 24 months. Extension for further 12 months if required US$989.00
  • Enroll in the entire course, or module by module
  • You may take the modules in any order.
  • Certification is awarded on completion of all course requirements.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning for other CIVT courses means you can accelerate through the course.

CIVT10021 Module 1 Chinese Herbal Medicine US$589.00

  • CIVT100211 Overview of Chinese Medical Physiology and Pathology
  • CIVT100212 Chinese Medical Pathology
  • CIVT100213 Making the Diagnosis: The Four Examinations
  • CIVT100214 Needle First, Diagnose Later

CIVT10022 Module 2 Chinese Herbs US$689.00

  • CIVT100225 Assessing the Energetic of a Herb
  • CIVT100226 The Art of Prescribing Herbs
  • CIVT100227 Herbal Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy
  • CIVT100228 Contemporary Issues in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine

CIVT10023 Module 3 Chinese Materia Medica US$989.00

  • CIVT100239: Categories in the Chinese Materia Medica I
  • CIVT1002310: Categories in the Chinese Materia Medica II
  • CIVT1002311: Categories in the Chinese Materia Medica III
  • CIVT1002312: Categories in the Chinese Materia Medica IV

CIVT10024 Module 4 Veterinary Chinese Therapeutics I US$989.00

  • CIVT1002413: Chinese Medical Pathophysiology & Treatment of Autoimmune Disease
  • CIVT1002414: Chinese Herbal Treatment of Cancer in Small Animals
  • CIVT1002415: Chinese Herbal Treatment of Cardiopulmonary Disorders
  • CIVT1002416: Chinese Herbal Treatment of Some Small Animal Endocrine Disorders

CIVT10025 Module 5 Veterinary Chinese Therapeutics II US$989.00

  • CIVT1002517: Chinese Herbal Treatment of some Eye disorders
  • CIVT1002518: Chinese Herbal Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • CIVT1002519: Chinese Herbal Treatment of Liver Disorders
  • CIVT1002520: Nutritional Strategies in Chinese Herbal Medicine: Building on the Success of Herbs with Diet Change

CIVT10026 Module 6 Veterinary Chinese Therapeutics III US$989.00

  • CIVT1002621: Chinese Herbal Treatment of Pain & Paralysis in Small Animals
  • CIVT1002622: Chinese Herbal Treatment of Neurological Disorders
  • CIVT1002623: Chinese Herbal Treatment of Skin disease in Small Animals

CIVT10027 Module 7 Veterinary Chinese Therapeutics IV US$989.00

  • CIVT1002724: TCM Treatment of Small Animal Urinary Disorders
  • CIVT1002725: TCM Treatment of Small Animal Behaviour Conditions
  • CIVT1002726: Understanding Blood Flow: The Key to Efficacy
  • CIVT1002727: Why did my patient die? New Insights on the Requirements of Life in TCM

CIVT10028 Module 8 Practicing and Communicating Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine US$989.00

  • CIVT1002828: Practice
  • CIVT1002829: Researching & Communicating Chinese Medicine
  • CIVT1002830: Reflecting on Practice