Vision and Mission


The vision of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society is to be the professional, proactive worldwide advocate for veterinary acupuncture and related treatment modalities.

The mission of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society is to provide, promote and support veterinary acupuncture and related treatment modalities through quality basic, advanced and continuing education; internationally recognized certification for veterinarians; and responsible research.

The Eight Principles of IVAS

  1. We value each of our members by putting their needs and interests at the center of what we do.
  2. We respect and appreciate all cultural differences, and we honor friendship among our members.
  3. We are committed to developing and supporting our affiliate organizations.
  4. We provide opportunities for networking and communication.
  5. We conduct ourselves and our organization in a professional manner.
  6. We are a structured, financially solvent non-profit organization.
  7. We promote and provide educational programs that improve clinical competency and deliver clinical results for the benefit of our patients.
  8. We promote and fund research programs for the advancement of veterinary acupuncture and related treatment modalities.

In pursuit of the above, the Society will:

  • Accumulate resources for scientific research and education in veterinary acupuncture; it will collect data concerning clinical and research cases where animals have been treated with acupuncture; it will promote the distribution of information on veterinary acupuncture to libraries and veterinary teaching institutions.
  • Make information on veterinary acupuncture available to veterinary students, practitioners, other interested scientific groups, and to the public.
  • Maintain contact with medical and paramedical groups, where such contact may further the advancement of knowledge of acupuncture.
  • Establish seminars for education and training in the principles and practice of veterinary acupuncture.
  • Establish, maintain and publish a register of qualified veterinary acupuncturists- (at this time, this qualification means veterinarians who have completed the certification requirements set by IVAS).
  • Promote honorable practice, exclude malpractice and be available to decide all questions of professional conduct and etiquette among veterinarians practicing acupuncture.
  • Establish the status and protect the interests of veterinarians practicing acupuncture. To this end, IVAS supports the acceptance of veterinary acupuncture as a veterinary specialty by national veterinary authorities.
  • Provide a forum for reporting current research on veterinary acupuncture and to facilitate communication among those engaged in the study of practice of veterinary acupuncture.
  • Conduct appeals, solicit, advertise for or otherwise request and receive, hold and make use of donations or contributions in money or property of any kind for the specific purposes of this Society and the furtherance of its objectives.

What are some ways in which IVAS carries out these goals?

  • We currently publish The Point quarterly.
  • We sponsor and organize annual international conferences on veterinary acupuncture.
  • We organize a certification course in Basic Veterinary Acupuncture (This course is conducted along standard academic lines. It consists of four long weekend seminars at 4-8 week intervals.)
  • We organize a certification course in Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine at regular intervals. .
  • IVAS administers a comprehensive certification examination in veterinary acupuncture.
  • IVAS also organizes or sponsors additional continuing educational opportunities such as more advanced courses, seminars and workshops.
  • We maintain a register of members accredited with training and instruction in veterinary acupuncture.